Can Tight Chest Muscles Cause Numb Fingers?


Recently, I worked with a patient who had a history of numbness in her right fingers for almost a year. Her HMO doctor just kept giving her cortisone injections in her wrist, without advising a physical therapy evaluation.  She was frustrated with her finger numbness and asked for my opinion.


There are many possible causes of numb fingers, such as, degeneration of the cervical spine, peripheral neuropathy, or carpal tunnel syndrome.


Upon evaluation, this patient was found to have significant shortness in her right pectoralis minor muscle. After just 30 minutes of deep tissue massage and manual therapy techniques applied to her right shoulder, as well as an education in proper posture, her long-standing numbness was gone.  She was thrilled to tears!


It has been almost two weeks now, and she reports that the numbness is still gone!   Please note that not all patients have immediate results after one session of physical therapy.  However, if the source of the problem is identified, your chances for success are much higher!
Long Term Success
No matter how wonderful a treatment technique is, unless the main source of the problem is addressed permanently, the problem will likely return.




In her case, she must continue to monitor her posture and perform her individualized exercises, or I believe her numbness will return.



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