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Pondering posture….

According to The American Association of Neurological Surgeons, up to 85% of Americans will have an episode of back pain during their lifetime. Poor posture and body mechanics are significant contributors to spinal problems.
*Wake up moment*

People in their 40s and older most likely had less “electronic” opportunities than younger generations do now. AND, if those older than 40 are having back and neck pain now, what are the chances that a 10 year old who hunches over to play a game on his phone will experience pain when he is 40?

It is hard to be a good parent these days! So many things to think about!   I am sorry to burden you with one more thing.

Most parents want a great education for their children. What is the point in having a great education and career if you are flat on your back in pain?

What to do?

Please sign up for The Posture Challenge! Starting on September 12, 2016, I will walk you and your family through the process of making changes in your posture.

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“Sit up straight” and have a good day! 😉







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  1. OH yes a good posture is so important! It is too easy to slump over a computer but I try to remember to have good posture or I’ll start having back and neck pain.

    • Hi Julie!
      Thanks for visiting! It is amazing how many people do not understand the connection between posture and pain! Kudos to you for being “aware!” 😉
      Congrats on being a new mom! (That is when I slumped the most! I was always correcting myself!)

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